Gain OSRS Piscarilius's Favorite

OSRS Piscarilius Favor Guide - How to Increase Favorability by 0 to 100% easily


OSRS Piscarilius favor can prove to be very helpful in many ways. But, before we can do that, we are going to to look at the things we have to do to get this favor in the first place.

Methods to Gain OSRS Piscarilius's Favorite

For you to gain favor in the eyes of your peers, you'll need to take part in a number of activities. You can aid in the repair of fish cranes , or transport the fish to the market. You can also hunt for grubs and steal artifacts.

You must have completed the Client of Kourend Piscarilius favors before you can utilize your Kourend favor certificate. This will enable you to skip some tedious tasks. You are also going to require this 100% favor if you are to progress further in the Architectural Alliance miniquest.

These are the ways to gain Piscarilius favor within OSRS:

Repairing Fish Cranes

Delivery of Fresh Fish

The Quest for the Queen of Thieves

Sandworm Hunting

Stealing Artefacts


Fixing Fishing Cranes

In the port of Piscarilius, you will find five fishing cranes. They are usually in disrepair, so you will need to repair them. If you require assistance in finding them, then you will discover three around the foodhall. The remaining two are in the vicinity of Leenz's General Supplies' dock area.

You'll need to develop your craft skills to fix these cranes. If you wish to repair the cranes, then you'll also require a hammer, three planks, and nails. You will get 0.5 percent of favor for each crane that you repair. For repairing a single crane, you'll require three planks and 100 nails. If you're looking to gain 20% favor, 120 planks are needed and 1000 steel nails. 600 is enough if you already have mithril nail. In the other case, if you've got an excellent construction level and you have a high construction skill level, then you'll only need 40 bronze nails, or 15 nails, if your skill level is at 99.

It's best to work with others to repair them as fast as you can. It is also important to keep a particular eye on the two cranes close to the store because they can break much faster than the other cranes.

Fresh Fish Delivery

Another way to gain favor is by taking fresh fish directly to Frankie. The offer will be open once you have hit 15 percent favor, and your fishing levels are between 15 and 15. It is necessary to purchase fresh fish and then put it to the cooling cabinet that you find within the shop. This can make you more well-known However, the fish will degrade within just a few minutes.

The three barrels located to the west of Frankie are the places to catch the fish. This will enable you to catch 20 fresh fish before they are damaged. You will gain around 0.4 percent of favor per delivery. Also, you'll be gaining experience fishing while doing it.

The Queen of Thieves Quest

After you have obtained 20% favor, you are able to begin The Queen of Thieves quest. To complete the Client of Kourend requirement, you'll have to be at least level 20 in thieving. Complete the quest and you will earn 10% favor due to the Piscarilius favor certificate.

Sandworm Hunting

When compared to other methods it is the fastest method to employ. After gaining 30% favor and bringing your hunter abilities reaching 15 years old, you can apply it. These sandworms can be found by navigating north from Tynan's Fishing Supplies. Five buckets and one spade are needed. You will receive 0.48 percent favor for each sandworm bucket. It is suggested to bring money so you can purchase additional buckets. This is because Tynan takes it rather than just emptying it.

Stealing Artefacts

You can get your skills in thieving up to 49 with just 75% support. Captain Khaled can be reached by the bank for a discussion of the task. Grab a lockpick so you can open the drawers and then you'll need to avoid detection from the patrolmen too. You will receive 200 OSRS Gold for successfully stealing artifacts out of the homes. Additionally, you'll get 500 thieving experience. If you can safely get the artifacts to Captain Khaled, this additional experience will amount to 40 times your thieving experience.

Benefits of Growing Piscarilius Favorability in OSRS

For a final point, before we get to the benefits of this program, I'd like to remind you that you'll be spending a lot of time fixing cranes and transporting fresh fish. To gain 100 favor, it requires less than an hour to dig for sandworms. If you're currently at 30% favor, it is highly recommended to use the sandworms method in order to get you to 100%. If you're certain that you will use the fish delivery method take them from east to west when collecting them, and keep 20 slots in your inventory to give you an idea of when to deliver the fish.

We've learned how to win favor, but what do we want to achieve? The reason is that once you reach a certain percentage of favor, you get certain advantages. For starters you'll be able to gain access to Kenelme's Wares once you reach 20 percent favor. Then, you can look through Frankie's Fishing Emporium inventory when you reach up to 30 percent. In addition, you can improve your stealthy skills by helping take artifacts for 75% favor. At 100% favor, you will be able utilize a fishing rod as well as sandworms to catch an anglerfish. However you must have a level 82 fishing necessary to catch these fish.

Getting OSRS Piscarilius favors can be a little tedious sometimes. However, remember that the benefits are significant and there are more efficient alternatives to the strategies that you should now have the understanding of.

Consider increasing the amount of your Piscarilius favor to 100% to increase your OSRS Hosidius' favor.