NBA 2K22 EFEAB30C error crashes and fixes for UserData corruption

The NBA 2K22 video game, despite being one of the most highly anticipated titles in the franchise's history, was plagued by a slew of errors and crashes during its first week of availability


The NBA 2K22 video game, despite being one of the most highly anticipated titles in the franchise's history, was plagued by a slew of errors and crashes during its first week of availability. In this guide, we'll walk you through the process of resolving the NBA 2K22 errors and crashes that you're experiencing.

Errors and solutions for NBA 2K22
In the course of playing NBA 2k22 MT, players have encountered a variety of errors ranging from missing files to unexpected crashes. We'll be looking into how you can correct these mistakes.

EFEAB30C/4B538E50 are the error codes for NBA 2K22.
All of the fixes for the EFEAB30C/ 4B538E50 error codes are listed below:

Download the game's files to your computer.
The error codes “EFEAB30C” and “4B538E50” are two of the most frequently encountered in the game. There are a variety of reasons why these error codes appear. The first is the absence of the most recent patch or even multiple game files, as in the case of the latter. This error can be extremely problematic because it prevents the game from properly loading, resulting in it crashing or failing to open at all.

It is sufficient to simply wait until you receive an update for your gaming system, whether it is on PC or on a console. This means that you will have to wait until all of the game files have been successfully downloaded to your system. Although the exact time required to download all of the files has not been determined, it is believed that it will take several hours depending on how many files are missing. Once all of the files or the patch have been successfully downloaded, you will be able to launch the game without the error messages "EFEAB30C" or "4B538E50" appearing on your screen. Keep in mind, however, that there will be a period of time during the downloading process during which all of your game files will be verified.

This procedure can take several minutes and can be extremely frustrating. In other words, if the downloading stops for no apparent reason at some point, it is either because the files are being verified or because you do not have enough disk space (be sure to check your Disk Space before starting a download). Some other solutions for NBA 2K22's EFEAB30C and 4B538E50 error codes include the following:

Verify your NBA 2K Account information.
One of the most common causes of the “EFEAB30C” or “4B538E50” errors is the failure to verify your account information. To verify your account, go to the official NBA 2K website and log in with your username and password. Make sure not to use more than 5 accounts on a single console, as doing so will result in the error codes being triggered.

Re-establish a connection to your Internet service.
This type of bug in the game can also be caused by a frayed wire or a generally poor Internet connection in general. Consequently, the only option left is to restart your router in order to resolve the problem. Alternatively, you can try restarting your gaming system to see if that is the root cause of the problem.

Error Message: UserData Has Been Corrupted
Reserved space on your hard drive is specifically designated for the installation of updates and patches. The deletion of these files will result in the inability to fully install games such as the NBA 2K22 and 2K21; therefore, avoid deleting them at all costs.

It is possible that deleting the Reserved spaces will cause your data to become out of sync, resulting in errors such as ‘UserData’ file has been corrupted and is unable to be loaded and “EFEAB30C/4B538E50” appearing. If this is the case, select the Play Now option in the game and wait for the data to be downloaded and synced by the game. You'll notice a message at the bottom left corner of your screen. Now, go back to the main menu and the game will begin updating, returning you to the main menu once it has finished downloading all of the necessary files. The final step is for the game to re-install all of the reserved data that was previously removed.

The Xbox version of how to buy MT 2K.
Because of the glitch, both the Xbox Series X and S have been affected, which is bad news for gamers who use Xbox. When you first start the game and go to the main menu, the screen freezes, resulting in the game being crashed.
Do not be concerned, as this error is simple to correct. When the game is first launched, simply press the upwards button on the D-pad to skip straight to the main menu page. Restarting your console may also be necessary, and if that does not resolve the issue, you may use this workaround until the developers have resolved the issue for you.

6f8ce31b is the error number.
The error code 6f8ce31b has been reported by some users on Next-Gen consoles when trying to play NBA 2K22 on the Xbox Series X/S or PlayStation 5. Unfortunately, as of right now, there is no effective solution to the problem.

Although some people have reported that reinstalling the game has resolved their problem, this is not the case for the vast majority of people. Hopefully, the game's developers will be able to release a patch in the near future to correct this specific error code.