Jaire Alexander may not be as well-known as other Madden 22 corners

Jaire Alexander may not be as well-known as other Madden 22 corners


In the blink of an eye, the narrative surrounding someone can completely shift. Myles Garrett went from being a strong, silent type to being a deranged lunatic in the eyes of many when he attacked a player who was not wearing a helmet with his own helmet. Since that incident, time has passed, and thankfully, the incredibly talented and well-spoken Garrett has reclaimed his position as someone who can be rooted for. The football world predicts that he will win the Defensive Player of the Year award in 2021, but until that time comes, his best card will remain an 87 overall.


Very rarely do siblings have the opportunity to compete in the same professional sport, and TJ and JJ Watt have not only done so, but they may also be the first siblings to hold the same Defensive Player of the Year award. TJ Watt has appeared to be overlooked for the award the past couple of seasons, despite his outstanding work for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Watt's 87 overall card in Madden 22 is an excellent example of how it's a matter of when, not if, he'll win that award during his NFL career.

Jaire Alexander may not be as well-known as other NFL Madden 22 players such as Jalen Ramsey, but he is just as good, if not better, at shutting down opposing wide receivers. The Green Bay Packers have fielded a middle-tier defense that has seen its ups and downs over the course of the season. Whether the team is struggling to defend the run or providing a strong pass rush, one thing has remained consistent, and that is Alexander. An 87 overall card still places him among the elite, but some may argue that he and Ramsey should have shared an overall.

Years after the infamous Chicago Bears-Las Vegas Raiders trade that sent Khalil Mack to the Windy City, it's clear who benefited from the deal: the Chicago Bears. Mack has been the epitome of dominance, and he has contributed to the Bears' legacy of fielding some of the best defensive talent in the NFL. An overall rating of 87 seems about right for a man who can be seen on any given Sunday tossing massive offensive linemen to the sidelines as if they were nothing more than a cardboard box of cereal.

Depending on who is enquiring,Jalen Ramsey is either the most overrated or the most underrated defensive player in the NFL, depending on your point of view. In addition, he embodies the prototypical larger-than-life persona that has been attached to the cornerback and wide receiver positions in football. The Los Angeles Rams have made particular use of his abilities, assigning him to their 'Star' position, which requires him to move around the field and not remain in one place. As a result, he received a 99 overall rating in the base game and an 88 overall rating in Madden 22's Ultimate Team mode. While being undersized for the defensive tackle position, Aaron Donald has consistently demonstrated that he is the best player in the NFL. He has also been extremely dominant in his career. His overall card score of 88 places him in a tie for the highest overall score in the mode, but in reality, he should be in a separate category all by itself. It is the game wrecker who has provided the Los Angeles Rams with a distinct advantage that is not likely to be eroded anytime soon.