New World Amrine Excavation Expedition Guide

The Amrine Excavation is a complete collection of Lost foes who are weak to Strike Ice, Strike and Nature damage while being strong against Thrust and Void damage.


Welcome to our brief overview of the Amrine Excavation Expedition in New World. This guide will show you the instructions on how to complete this Expedition efficiently and quickly.

The Amrine Excavation This Expedition is located directly North of the Settlement of Windsward. While its in-game recommended level of 25 is the highest, we suggest getting started as early as 23 because this is the time you will start to receive repeatable quests to complete the Expedition.

As with all Expeditions, you must have an Tuning Orb to start this Expedition. Each time you open the Expedition the Tuning Orb will be drained from the inventory of the player that opened the Expedition. It is possible to obtain the Amrine Tuning Orb Amrine Tuning Orb from the Main Quest line and from Completing Side Quests for both Everfall along with Windsward.

To activate to use the Tuning Orb walk up to the entry point into the Expedition and interact with the door. If you have the correct Tuning Orb as well as at minimum 2 additional party members in proximity it will be possible to click the "Join Expedition Queue" button, which should quickly set up one Expedition instances for you. Once it is ready you can hit F1 to accept the Expedition invitation.

It is the Everfall Tuning Orb comes from the quest line that starts by opening Supply Lines Opening Supply Lines Opening Supply Lines and finishes in the Foreman's Ledger Foreman's Ledger. Successfully completing this expedition quest will earn you a Tuning Orb for the level 35 Starstone Barrows Expedition.

The Windsward Tuning Orb come from the quest line that begins in No Convince Stew No Confidence Stew. The quest line ends with the ability to see Clearly (Expedition) Seeing Clearly (Expedition). The NPC to complete the final step of this quest line, Laikina Pajitnova can be a challenge to locate, as she is up on a small mountain. The most efficient way to get to her is to head North East out of Windsward, head just East from Inkwell Cave, and then continue South. You should not have to undertake any rock climbing at all for a chance to talk to her.

You can also craft an Amrine Tuning Orb with the Recipe: Amrine Tuning Orb Recipe: Amrine Tuning Orb recipe which requires 10 corrupted Sliver The Corrupted Sliver 1, 1 Iron Chisel Iron Chisel 50 stone Block Stone Blocks, and 1 Eternal Heart Eternal Heart. Corrupted Slivers are reward when you close Corruption Breaks that are found on the map . They are identified by a red marker. you can purchase an Iron Chisel from your faction vendor.

At level 23 , you can obtain the Bones For Barkimedes (Expedition) Bones For Barkimedes (Expedition) quest, and once it is completed will permit you to complete the quest of the same title (Bones For Barkimedes (Expedition) Bones For Barkimedes (Expedition)) as it is a repeatable. Each time you complete the Expedition you will encounter 5 Ravagers who will each drop a bone; loot the bones all in order to earn 4,920 XP after completing the quest with Barkimedes.

This repeatable is great, due to the fact that Amrine can be run through fast and quickly. The pick-up and hand-in for this quest is directly outside the door for the Expedition. It is also possible to receive Expedition faction missions through Windsward when you have reached level 23.

This adventure isn't that long and yet still includes one part that will pass through twice. When you first go through the Grand Traverse, all the puzzle buttons will be locked. but, after completing the journey further then you'll return to the area and be able interact with the buttons for puzzles (see further below). There are a lot of lost monsters, zombies, ghosts and Ravagers. Make sure you pay attention when Ravagers die, because every one of them will drop a bone will be required to complete the quest. There are five Ravagers and you'll need to loot of all five to complete the quest.

This Expedition includes two bosses: Foreman Nakashima. Simon Grey. In Expeditions, you can only be picked back up after being defeated once, before you are forced to respawn. Most boss rooms are locked off from access after the boss has been engaged. This gives you two lives in an encounter with a boss as long as your friends can pick you up when you get knocked down.

This boss is a purple ghost can be summoned through activating this Spectral Shrine in the middle of the boss's platform. You can only activate this Shrine after you've taken the candle out of the box that is located in the hallway leading up to this room.

The boss may summon a medium-sized chain ring that is placed around the player. If any person passes through the chain, it will stun anyone who is near for a few seconds. When the chain ring is up it will be affixed to the Foreman can summon spirits to charge across the area occupied by the chain.

Every ghost is preceded by a faint white line that you will be able to detect if you tilt your camera downwards. After a few seconds the ghost will begin to charge through the line, inflicting the most damage to those hit.

This boss had no adds to be concerned about and could be tanked anywhere but to avoid being forced through a chain ring the tank should be put back to a wall.

Everyone should make sure to not enter an earring that is chain-like, since the shock that results is almost certain that anyone who is stunned will be hit by ghosts. Also, keep in mind that ghosts that are targeting an ring from afar could be able to travel a long distance from the ring but still cause a fright.

The final boss of the Expedition, an extremely large Ravager is discovered shortly after a respawn point. There are three trash monsters in the room , which you need to eliminate prior to getting close to the boss and launching the fight.

When the fight starts, Simon will summon three lost minions to his side and Simon will continue summoning new minions throughout the battle. Simon will also occasionally vomit onto the floor, causing the victims of him. If one of the minions is still alive at the time Simon vomits, they'll be able to run and eat it, and then be powerful, inflicting further damage.

If these minions are empowered and survive for long enough, Simon will consume them and become empowered himself. It's easy to determine if Simon as well as a miniatureon is empowered by the glowing red light on the minion.

The minions the boss creates must be taunted by the tank (we recommend holding back taunts and AoE damage for a while until Simon calls his minion) using an ability similar to Defiant Stance and then killed by DPS, as otherwise they'll be attacking the healer in the group.

If they're taunted, the DPS must focus them down quickly and then get back to doing harm to the boss. If a healer or DPS feel a bit agitated from the adds or the adds, the other DPS must switch to them and quickly kill them while the aggroed player is prevented from the risk of being damaged by escaping.

After Simon is defeated, a chest is available to be taken next to the portal out of the expedition.

Once you clear through the Broken Vestibule, you will be able to activate a respawning point and enter the Grand Traverse. There are three buttons that can be stepped upon for activation. To open the bridge into the second zone,, all three buttons need to be simultaneously. After activation the enemy will appear at the West and East button.

The East button releases the Ravager, which is needed for the Bones to Barkimedes quest. Two players who have activated the West and East buttons must both sprint toward the middle button, and bring their monster towards the tank which should be waiting at the middle of the button.

In some Expeditions there are treasure chests and hidden resources that can be easily missed if you are not investigating every corner. In the room that has the three buttons puzzle, you will find various resources available for gathering as well as a chest that is hidden in the water. The chest is somewhat hidden within the waterfall.